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Plaintiff's Personal Injury October 16, 2015

Is Expungement For You?

If you’ve pled guilty or been found guilty of a non-indictable offense, that fact is on your permanent criminal record.  In most instances, after awaiting the statutorily prescribed time,you would be eligible to apply for expungement of your criminal record and have that judicial finding erased from your record. In order to obtain expungement of your […]

Plaintiff's Personal Injury October 16, 2015

Don’t Choose Health Insurance for Auto Accident Related Bills

I had previously done a blog entry entitled auto insurance 101 in which I discussed the basic considerations in selecting the right auto insurance policy for you and your family.  Some recent client experiences show me that the average consumer needs even more information when considering auto insurance options. When purchasing auto insurance, your agent […]

Plaintiff's Personal Injury October 16, 2015

CPS (Chronic Pain Sucks)

Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS) is a debilitating condition with effects beyond the physical.  To never be able to escape the pain, at rest or asleep, is a fact of life for chronic pain sufferers.  The harsh reality for these victims is often a life of depression and anxiety, riddled with doctors’ visits and medications aimed […]