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Plaintiff's Personal Injury February 18, 2016

More Auto Insurance Information

From reviewing my earlier posts on insurance law, I note a couple areas worthy of further discussion. If you’re a pedestrian and hit by a car, your insurance coverage for accident related bills will come from your own auto policy. If you don’t own a vehicle, then coverage for your bills would come from any auto […]

Plaintiff's Personal Injury February 16, 2016

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

You may need to continue to receive medical treatment long after your case settles.  Dealing with the payment of accident related medical bills can be a confusing and frustrating process.  Even though your case may be settled, I will continue to work with you to resolve all outstanding medical bill issues, something a lot of […]

Plaintiff's Personal Injury February 11, 2016

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is not a topic I usually consider.  Not until today, at least, when I was informed by one of the financial institutions I use that an account of mine had been hacked and some nefarious bad guy made off with thousands.  After spending 90 minutes on the phone with the company fraud investigator, […]

Plaintiff's Personal Injury February 11, 2016

Paying Forward Feels Good

Often during a busy work day, the phone rings while my assistant is at the copier, meeting with a client or otherwise engaged.  As I answer and before hearing the voice at the other end, I wonder if this call is the next “big” case.  While sometimes it is just that, frequently it’s someone with a […]

Plaintiff's Personal Injury February 10, 2016

We Do Name Changes and Wills

The process of legally changing your name is complicated and requires multiple steps, including filing the proper documentation with the Court, paying the appropriate fees, publishing in the local newspaper and attending a hearing before a Superior Court Judge. While the process is supposedly able to be readily done by a lay person, there are […]

Plaintiff's Personal Injury February 8, 2016

Sportsmanship Matters

Like millions of people around the world last night, I sat and watched the Super Bowl with my family. My little ones were rooting for the Carolina Panthers because they really like how Cam Newton, the quarterback, smiles while he plays and hands footballs to kids in the stands after he scores a touchdown. I […]


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