We Do Name Changes and Wills

We Do Name Changes and Wills

The process of legally changing your name is complicated and requires multiple steps, including filing the proper documentation with the Court, paying the appropriate fees, publishing in the local newspaper and attending a hearing before a Superior Court Judge. While the process is supposedly able to be readily done by a lay person, there are many steps along the way where one can go off track.

At the Law Office of David I. Sinderbrand,LLC as long as your purposes are legal!!, we’ll be happy to assist you in applying for a legal name change. And just so you know, so long as you’re not trying to avoid the law by changing your name, you don’t need a “good” reason to do it. In fact, my latest client just did not like how his name sounded, so he changed it.

As part of taking care of you and the ones you love, make sure you have an up-to-date will, living will and power of attorney in place. The most considerate thing you can do for those you’ve left behind (aside from having a sufficient life insurance policy) is to have your exact wishes for the distribution of your estate expressed in a clear and unambiguous document that was carefully drawn in accordance with your specific instruction.

Here at the Law Office of David I. Sinderbrand, LLC, we take the time to carefully listen to you, ask the right questions and craft the precise documents you deserve to best take care of you loved ones.

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