More Auto Insurance Information

More Auto Insurance Information

From reviewing my earlier posts on insurance law, I note a couple areas worthy of further discussion.

If you’re a pedestrian and hit by a car, your insurance coverage for accident related bills will come from your own auto policy. If you don’t own a vehicle, then coverage for your bills would come from any auto insurance policy in your home held by a resident relative.  If there is no auto, and thus, no auto insurance in your home, then you can seek bill payment from the State of New Jersey through a special fund known as the New Jersey Property Liability Guaranty Association (NJPLIGA).  While it is your right to seek benefits through NJPLIGA,  a detailed process must be followed before you are eligible to obtain NJPLIGA benefits.  Get the help of an experienced lawyer to assist you with filing for NJPLIGA benefits.


“Basic” or “Special” Policies

When you purchase auto insurance, you have the right to purchase less than the standard $250,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.  Limited policies, also known as “Basic” policies, provide only $15,000 in PIP coverage. “Special” policies are available to people who earn low incomes that qualify them to receive Medicaid benefits.  “Dollar a day” policies provide PIP benefits for only emergency care and furnish no coverage for continuing medical care after the emergent care is concluded, unless that emergent care naturally progresses because of a brain injury or catastrophic injury.

Motorcycle accidents

If you are injured while riding a motorcycle, your medical bills will not be covered by PIP.   Your auto insurance will not cover you, as riding a cycle is considered an excluded act under most auto insurance policies.  If  you have health insurance, your bills for injuries from a motorcycle accident should be submitted to your health insurance carrier.



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