It’s The Holidaze- Be Alert Out There

It’s The Holidaze- Be Alert Out There

It’s that time of year when we parents are busy rushing around on lunch hours and weekends, gathering gifts for our little ones or significant others.  The kids’ gift lists are complete and their eyes and minds are focused on the prizes coming with the holidays of Hanukkah and Christmas.  So, what’s wrong with this picture?  Seemingly nothing, but look a bit further.

The majority of crashes, fall downs and other bodily injuries occur due to someone’s negligence.  That is, that person failed to use the standard of care commensurate with what a reasonably prudent person would have done in the same situation.  Distractions, both mental and visual, play a large role in the causation of accidents.  When we are thinking about the upcoming party or the killer gift we’re going to get our spouse, our minds are not fully on the task at hand, whether its driving or even just walking on a sidewalk.

Beware the driver ahead of you who appears to be in a daze as he drives.  He’s probably making his gift list, and checking it twice.  And, he’s likely on the cellphone, too!  Look out for that kid on the bike who’s holding her phone in one hand as she rides obliviously close to traffic while listening to music on her plugged in earbuds with her friend standing on the back wheel’s pegs, imploring her to go faster.

While we are all always in ‘our own little world’, something about the  Christmas season prompts people to pay less attention to the grinds of daily existence and , instead,  mentally transport to that perceived magical time of folly that is the holiday season.  However, the laws of physics and good judgment are never on holiday.  Any time of year, one momentary lapse of reason can lead to the gift that keeps on giving, an injury that could last you well past that egg-nog hangover.


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