How Did I Get Here?

How Did I Get Here?

While at California Western School of Law in San Diego from 1985-1987, I had no idea where the Juris Doctorate degree would take me.  I did know I loved living in San Diego so, while I toyed with the notion of staying in Southern California and embarking on my legal career there, the offer of a job at a defense firm in Atlantic City and the allure of my family brought me back to my East Coast roots.

After 18 months of insurance defense work, I realized it was not me.  The defense attorney’s job is to nay say and deny the merits of any personal injury claim, no matter how valid.  My daily defense lawyer tasks conflicted with my conscience and I found it increasingly difficult to do a job that my heart was not in.

So, I moved to Philadelphia in 1990 to work in a big Center City firm that had plenty of New Jersey plaintiff’s personal injury files for me to dig into.  Rather, it’s more like “dig out of.”  This Philly firm had not paid much attention to their Jersey files and my job quickly became trying to keep the firm from getting sued for malpractice.

After a chaotic but education-filled year, it was time to return to the beach.  I was fortunate enough to be able to work alongside Tom Vesper, Esquire, a superior trial attorney and wonderful mentor from whom I learned many trial advocacy techniques.

I’ve operated my own practice now for 10 years doing what I love to do – helping guide people through the often confusing and frustrating legal system.  My practice is based on empathy for you, my client.  I know what you’re going through.  I am here to listen and I will successfully get you to the rightful and just conclusion of your personal injury claim.

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